We are in the middle of the last preparations for our upcoming KOSMOS Workshop “Beyond Urban Transformation” and very look forward to welcoming you very soon at Humboldt-University of Berlin at Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies.

Wishing all our participants and speakers safe travels. Enjoy your first days exploring Berlin!


The workshop will start with the public opening keynote “The city as promissory assemblage or: how to think and study the non-/transformative” by Prof. Alexa Färber tomorrow at 6 pm @ Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies in Berlin.

Workshop participants and non-participants, everybody interested, is very welcome to come to the opening keynote lecture. Happy to meet you there!

Please note: Apart from the opening keynote the workshop is for registered participants only. We are very happy for the huge interest in the KOSMOS Workshop “Beyond Urban Transformation” in September in Berlin, Germany. At the moment we cannot consider any more requests or applications, as the deadline for submissions was in May 2018. We encourage everyone interested to apply for one of our future workshops.

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Posted by:Carolin Genz

Carolin Genz holds a master degree in European Ethnology and Urban Cultures from Humboldt-University of Berlin (2009-2013) and is currently doing research at the Department for Cultural and Social Geography at the Humboldt-University since 2015. Her Ph.D. topic is: "Urban Resistance: Upheaval of Civil Society? Ethnographical perspectives on the transformation of urban everyday life“. Specifically, her research focuses on practices of production and appropriation of space, urban governance and digital tools of urban resistance and network practices. Furthermore, she is an academic consultant and member of the advisory board for Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity for the Senate Department of Housing and Urban Development in Berlin.

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