The spaces we inhabit are structured by power structures and rules. In this dependency, our body, performances, and the way we navigate urban space interlink. In her works Diana Lucas-Drogan (re)draws and performs the cultural codes in counter-mappings and reflects on methods of representing the research field. Working as a freelance architect and artist, she is part of the collective metroZones and editor of the magazine Stadtaspekte.

Diana encourages design thinking and shows examples of representing multiple narratives of space and everyday life through collective mapping.


Diana Lucas-Drogan, Architect and Mapping-Artist, Berlin/Wien

To follow her work please visit:

Picture: Haut von Hellersdorf, Diana Lucas-Drogan, Berlin 2017. “Die Haut von Hellersdorf” is a collaborative Counter Mapping of the socio-political life of refugees and locals in Hellersdorf. This picture shows Hellersdorf on the move and in transformation © Diana Lucas-Drogan, 2017


Posted by:Carolin Genz

Carolin Genz is an Urban Anthropologist. She holds a master degree in European Ethnology and Urban Cultures from Humboldt-University of Berlin (2009-2013) and is currently Research Associate at the Department for Cultural and Social Geography at the Humboldt-University since 2015. Her Ph.D. topic is: "Doing Resistance: Spatial Practices and the Production of Discourse“. Specifically, her research focuses on practices of production and appropriation of space, urban governance and digital tools of urban resistance. Furthermore, she is associated fellow in the Collaborative Research Centre 1265 "Re-Figuration of Spaces".

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