We want to thank all the participants, speakers and the organizing team for sharing time and thoughts with everyone at the workshop, for your insightful criticism and good energy, both of which kept us going through 3.5 days packed with information and inspiration!


Prof. Alexa Färber
Prof. Ignacio Farias
Prof. Talja Blokland
Prof. Tasleem Shakur
Prof. Stavros Stavrides
Prof. AbdouMaliq Simone
Dr. Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse
Diana-Lucas Drogan
Sebastian Bührig

Britta Acksel
Vincent Andrisani
Safa Ashoub
Nufar Avni
Ahmad Borham
Asli Duru
Ingrid Enriquez-Donissaint
Roos Gerritsen
Diana Marino
Özgün Rüya Oral
Melissa Rock
Mathilda Rosengren
Bogdan Seredyak
Benedikt Stoll
Nezka Struc
Jose Roberto Lagunes Trejo
Luanda Vannuchi
Swait P. Vijaya
Marlene Wagner
Jeremy Williams
and Sakura Yamamura.

Furthermore, we want to thank our cooperation partners from the Ethnography Lab at the University of Toronto, especially Bronwyn Frey for coming all the way to Berlin for helping us with the organizational aspects. We also thank Susanne Käser for jumping in and providing organizational support, and Christian Bauer for the design of the workshop program.

Last but not least, a special thanks to Prof. Ilse Helbrecht from the Geography Department at Humboldt-University and Director of the Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies for supporting our ideas throughout the application process. We are very grateful for having been chosen by the Excellence Initiative of Humboldt-University for KOSMOS Program funding, which enabled us to organize this year’s workshop and enhance our international and interdisciplinary networks.

We are very looking forward to sharing more insights and outcomes from the workshop with all of you very soon and hope to meet you again for more of those exciting discussions on urban futures.

Carolin Genz & Aylin Yildirim Tschoepe
Project Leaders
KOSMOS Workshop “Beyond Urban Transformation”
Urban Ethnography Lab
Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies
Humboldt-University of Berlin


Pictures © UELab, Berlin 2018
DAY II: Mapping Session w/ Diana-Lucas Drogan
Field Trip & Collective Workshop Session (together with the workshop participants)
Posted by:Carolin Genz

Carolin Genz holds a master degree in European Ethnology and Urban Cultures from Humboldt-University of Berlin (2009-2013) and is currently doing research at the Department for Cultural and Social Geography at the Humboldt-University since 2015. Her Ph.D. topic is: "Urban Resistance: Upheaval of Civil Society? Ethnographical perspectives on the transformation of urban everyday life“. Specifically, her research focuses on practices of production and appropriation of space, urban governance and digital tools of urban resistance and network practices. Furthermore, she is an academic consultant and member of the advisory board for Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity for the Senate Department of Housing and Urban Development in Berlin.

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